CHQ Case Study - Tanglin Trust School, Singapore

Tanglin Trust, Singapore

“To be able to go to one system for all our CCA needs is hugely valuable”

Julie Clark (Sports & Activities Manager), Jane Verlaan (Sports & Activities Executive) and Tracy Betteridge (Sports & Activities Executive) discuss how they are using CHQ’s extra-curricular activities management software at Tanglin Trust School, Singapore.

Tanglin Trust School is an international school in Singapore run as a not-for-profit organisation. Established in 1925, Tanglin Trust School provides British-based learning with an international perspective for students aged 3 – 18. There are approximately 2,800 students at Tanglin and the school is split into the Infant School, Junior School and Senior School, which includes Sixth Form. Approximately, 60% of students are British although more than 50 different nationalities are represented. Students are encouraged to actively participate in the wide range of arts, sports and co-curricular (CCA) activities on offer after school.


To be able to go to one system for all our CCA needs is hugely valuable - we can send e-mails, do online registrations and run ballots from one site, as well as know where every child is at any one time. The fact that the system is dynamic means information is constantly updating in real-time. Overall, the margin for error in the sign up process has been reduced significantly and the whole process is much smoother for parents.
Julie Clark
(Sports & Activities Manager), Tanglin Trust School, Singapore

We trialled CHQ in the spring term of 2014 and then, last August, moved the whole school’s co-curricular programme (Infants, Juniors and Seniors), including competitive sports, across to CHQ. The Juniors initially choose 2 options from the CCA list and then, when all allocations have been made, the remaining spaces are opened up on a “first come, first served” basis. The Senior School students are free to choose the number of CCAs they participate in and, on average, will be involved in 3 to 4 activities per week. We also link our bus schedule into CHQ so teachers and parents can see what buses the children are taking each day.

CHQ has been used to manage all the sports fixtures from day one and, as more and more of the teaching staff are starting to realise how effective CHQ is for organising one-off events, usage is increasing across the school. All our swimming events are run through CHQ, which handles all registrations, payments and communications to parents and, more recently, we have started organising all the music concerts through CHQ too.
When we first launched CHQ, we set up online instructions for parents within the CHQ system to guide them through the CCA sign-up process, as well as running parent workshops and forums. Parents find CHQ very user- friendly and they get a very clear picture of what their child is doing each week and what events they are involved in. We mainly use email to communicate with parents and pupils although for last minute changes we have the option to send SMS messages through CHQ which is very useful.
Tanglin Trust School use CHQ in conjunction with iSAMS and have also deployed single sign-on (SSO) for Firefly VLE.
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