CHQ Technical Support

CHQ technical assistance is available through our support ticket system:

Please note that CHQ do not administer user credentials and cannot answer questions about forgotten passwords or user IDs - please contact your school directly for such assistance.

Guides & Documentation

There is an ever-expanding library of "how to" videos available from within the CHQ application itself - just type "how to" into the omni-search box on any page.


How is CHQ delivered?

CHQ is a web-based application offered as a hosted solution. As such it is not installed onto your servers but is hosted for you in our secure data centre.
We have two data centres, one in the UK which services customers in Europe and the Middle East, and one in Singapore which is used by customers in the Far East.
Because CHQ is a hosted solution, there is no need for you to pay for servers and other infrastructure to run the system – our subscription price is all-inclusive, giving you access to the system and to our support staff.
The only software that needs installing is our small interface program which talks to your MIS and provides the details of students, staff, essential to running activities and events.

Can CHQ interface to our MIS?

The short answer is yes!

The longer answer is a little more technically involved: CHQ provides a small, stand-alone interface program which is installed on a machine on your school network – either the MIS server or a machine that can talk to it. The interface has been designed in a modular fashion, so has a core set of functions for talking to CHQ, and a different plug-in module for each target MIS system it knows how to talk to.

As of January 2017 we have interfaces with iSAMS, Capita SIMS, Double First Engage, WCBS PASS, ManageBac, Senior Systems Advantage, Veracross, PowerSchool, Furlong SchoolBase and Serco Facility – while others are in development.
If your school uses a different MIS, our aim is to create a module to talk to it, normally at no charge so please contact us.

Can CHQ write back to my MIS?

CHQ does not have direct write-back capability to MIS products.
However we do provide a good number of spreadsheet exports which can form the basis of a periodic write-back to your other systems.

How does the interface work, and how often does it run?

The interface normally operates in up to 3 distinct “modes”:

  • Overnight mode: detects and processes changes to student details, student contacts, staff, classes, etc. It is normally scheduled to run once per day during the night, but can be scheduled to run more frequently than that if desired.
  • Morning mode: finds out which students were absent at morning registration and hence may not be available for their activities and events during the day. This mode only runs once per day.
  • Afternoon mode: in schools who do an afternoon registration, this mode detects and processes any changes to presence since the morning run. This mode only runs once per day.

For the details brought across to CHQ during the Overnight run, the MIS is deemed to be the “master” so those fields are read-only in CHQ.

Can I sync the CHQ calendar and is it automatic?

CHQ allows a school to choose to “publish” selected events from the calendar as an iCal feed. Multiple different feeds can be set up (for example to have a “fixtures calendar”, a “trips calendar”, etc.) and the feeds can be subscribed to from any other calendar application which supports the iCal interchange format.

This means that it is possible to display a fixtures calendar on your school web site using information directly from CHQ, avoiding the need to re-key information.

Can I reuse existing User IDs and passwords?

CHQ provides the facility to create users for all people who need to use the system, be they staff or students/parents.
However it is also possible to configure CHQ to delegate user authentication to your school Active Directory, so there is no need to create an extra set of users and passwords.Click here for more information.).

CHQ is also able to use other systems for sign-on – as of October 2016 we have schools using the Firefly VLE to log users into CHQ seamlessly, schools using CHQ’s SSO function with iSAMS Parent Portal, others using FinalSite for SSO into CHQ, and we have the same sort of thing running in two other schools with a bespoke VLE.