CHQ Parents Evenings

An online management system to organise parent-teacher conferences

Parents evenings and parent-teacher conference software


  • Create parent evening schedules for face to face or online ‘virtual’ meetings – to run on a single day or across multiple dates
  • CHQ’s interface with the school management information system provides access to the academic timetable and required student, parent and teacher data.
  • Identify eligible students by Year Group and class as well as participating staff from the academic timetable
  • Manage the event timings including time slots, location, meeting duration, time between appointments and catch up breaks, as well as limit the number of appointments per parent
  • View and print the appointment schedule by date, location (conference call or room), teacher, total evening etc. Parents and teachers can export their schedules to their personal calendars.
  • Built-in communication platform – email participating students and staff, as well as:
    • send out invitations to parents containing the booking process details
    • identify and email parents who have not booked or responded to a requested teacher meeting
  • Reporting
    • identify teachers in high demand and the most popular time slots
    • identify which parents were unable to see a teacher
    • run parental surveys to gain feedback on ‘Parents Evenings’ – reporting tools to analyse responses


A 'live' booking system allowing parents to:

  • Choose the staff they want to meet
  • Book time slots – see in ‘real’ time those slots which are available and already booked
  • Sibling view of appointments available – for parents with more than one child participating in the same evening
  • Add notes for the teacher to be discussed at the meeting
  • View and print appointment schedules – export to personal online and mobile calendars

CHQ - Virtual parent-teacher conference software
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“CHQ has allowed us to reduce paperwork and administration time and improve communication between parents and the school across a broad range of areas including Clubs, Transport, Parents’ Evenings and Trips.”
St Margaret's Preparatory School, Calne, UK
CHQ extra-curricular management software

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