CHQ Bus Manager is our seventh ‘beyond the classroom’ module – designed to help schools manage the complexities of bus travel to and from school. It is available as a standalone software solution or can be purchased with our other modules to form an integrated ‘beyond the classroom’ platform.

CHQ Bus Manager provides an online platform, interfacing with the school MIS system, to efficiently manage school bus transport:

Registering of transport methods for each student e.g. bus routes

Creating bus routes and bus schedules (aligning to zones if required)

Parental sign-up of students to bus routes

Bus place allocations – accounting for after-school activity requests and bus capacities

A system to manage late changes and requests

A daily transport planner for Transport Managers

Accurate daily registers to record bus attendance electronically when boarding and alighting

Improve safeguarding

CHQ Bus Manager when combined with CHQ Activities, Sports Fixtures and After School Care modules allows schools to identify ‘Who is where’ from the first bus pick up in the morning to the last bus home.’

Improve communication

Easily send parents and students route specific email, SMS and push notifications.

Reduce administration

Full reporting of theoretical and actual usage to enable billing.