CHQ Case Study - Brighton-College-Abu-Dhabi

Brighton College Abu Dhabi

“CHQ is a fantastic tool – excellent for parents and teachers alike”

Simon Crane, Head of School at Brighton College Abu Dhabi, explains how the introduction of CHQ co-curricular activities management software has transformed the organisation and tracking of co-curricular activities at this leading, British curriculum international school.

Brighton College Abu Dhabi is the sister school of the UK independent school, Brighton College. The state-of-the-art campus on Abu Dhabi island opened in 2011 with Pre-Prep, Prep and Senior Schools, followed by the opening of Year 12 in September 2014. While the school is academically one of the leading British schools in the Middle East, all pupils are also actively encouraged to participate in co-curricular activities, seen as a valued and vital component of a pupil’s educational program and social development.

CHQ is a fantastic tool – excellent for parents and teachers alike. Teachers have really appreciated having immediate access to contact information and medical details during activities, through the CHQ mobile application, and our ability to monitor ‘who is where’ during co-curricular periods, has tightened up our safeguarding of pupils
Simon Crane,
Head of School at Brighton College Abu Dhabi

CHQ Case Study - Brighton-College-Abu-Dhabi

Prior to CHQ’s introduction, a more manual co-curricular management system was being used based on paper forms and online Survey Monkey questionnaires, the data from which was then entered into spreadsheets. However, as the number of students and the choice of activities continued to grow, the whole process started to become logistically unmanageable and extremely time-consuming, bringing with it greater room for errors and concerns over the supervising of pupils during CCA periods. With 1580 students on the roll for the 2015/16 academic year, each participating in an average of 3 clubs per week chosen from a range of 225 different lunchtime and after school activities, it become very clear an alternative, less manual management solution was required.

CHQ’s co-curricular activities management software was introduced in August 2015. The online activity selection portal has made the overall sign-up process much smoother for parents while the option to use different activity allocation methods has significantly simplified the allocation process for the co-curricular staff. During the term, parents can also quickly check daily schedules and teachers can easily communicate out any activity changes or fixture details to the group of parents concerned, using CHQ’s broadcast messaging platform.
CHQ provides teachers with pre-populated online activity registers which are also available as a mobile application when outside the classroom. All attendance data is recorded centrally within CHQ which can be used to provide activity participation statistics for form tutors or the senior leadership team. Lastly, as part of our safeguarding programme, CHQ now enables us to immediately identify any pupils not arriving at an activity when expected and an alert can be raised straightaway.

Brighton College use CHQ in conjunction with iSAMS.
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