• CHQ Parents Evening Module

    CHQ Parents Evenings benefits from all the functional benefits of CHQ’s core extra-curricular software, including an interface with the school management information system (SIMS, iSAMS via API) to access the school academic timetable and all student, parent and teacher data.


  • Option for parents to add notes for the teacher to discuss at the meeting
  • Dynamic booking portal so parents can see ‘live’ booked and available slots for teacherssibling view of booked appointments is visible, supporting parents with twins
Parents Eve


  • Create a branded parents evening booking portal incorporating school logo and colours
  • Identify and group all pupils and teachers who are required to attend
  • Request teachers confirm their availability – and flag parents they specifically want to meet
  • Send email invitations to parents including sign in information and booking process details
  • Set system rules to manage the booking schedule including:
    • Meeting duration and time between appointments
    • Build in catch up breaks to ensure runs to time
    • Specify or limit the number of appointments per parent
  • View and print individual teacher, room and total evening appointments – export to online and mobile calendars via iCal (available to parents too)
  • Easily send follow-up emails – booking confirmations, reminders to parents who have not booked or updates to those meeting or wanting to meet a specific teacher
  • Reporting
    • identify teachers with highest demand and most popular time slots
    • identify which parents were unable to see a teacher or failed to respond at all

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